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Hints and Tips for Lavalife

This site is intended to help you get the most from Lavalife by offering hints, tips and guidance to creating a winning profile. We'll take you step by step through the sign up process and along the way, offer advice and insights into how to write your profile. We want to help you get the best you can from Lavalife. Not only do we should you what you should do, but we also warn you of common mistakes !

Before we start, there are things you will need to have ready;

  • You'll need to have some idea of a username and password, these are not part of your identity on Lavalife - you only use them to log on.
  • A credit card - only necessary if you want to take the plunge and sign up for full membership right off. There is a free trial membership on offer and we suggest you start with that.

OK, let's start. See the link below?


Right-click on it and select open link in new window. (this opens Lavalife in a second browser window, which means you can continue to read this while filling in your profile)

Now click (left click, as normal) on SIGN UP FREE

You are now given 3 options;- dating, relationship and intimate. Lavalife is divided into these 3 areas and you can choose to create a profile in any or all of them, though you must do them one at a time.

We shall create a profile in the dating area. The procedure is similar in each area so you can pick whichever area you wish. Click on Dating icon (or other area).

Lavalife now asks you to create a Login identity. Type in a username and password you can easily remember. This username is NOT part of your identity it is only used for login. Then retype your password and a valid email address. It asks you about email preferences, we suggest you check the 'never' box or the 'first time I get mail' box, otherwise you may find your email becomes full. Sign up for Lavalife Notes if you wish but do make sure you check the I am 18+ box. Then click CONTINUE

(sometimes you may find someone else has already used your username, so Lavalife gives you an option to change it)

Now we come to creating a profile

Think of a nickname. HINT: Generally, it has been found that 'cute' nicknames get more responses. Although Lavalife warns you not to use your real name, a nickname with a name in it can help add a personal or informal touch. Alternatively, turn your nickname into a question, such as 'Doyoudance'. Be careful not to pick a name which might suggest you are fat (e.g. cuddly), ugly, or lonely. Names which include your location, eg. OHIOGUY, may not be a good idea if chatting to someone in, say, California as the distances might put them off getting to know you better first.

So, think of a nickname which may be cute and has perhaps part of your name (such as Cute Chris)

Now you need an opening line for your profile. Think of this like a newspaper headline, so try to make it catchy or witty. Avoid things like, 'just looking' which might suggest you're not really interested. Try something like 'contact me' or 'click here' which suggests to others what to do, or 'dinner date tonite?' to suggest what you are offering!

Then you are asked to list up to 9 things you like. Browse thru the items listed and simply select up to 9. Now you simply have to enter information, which is confidential, about yourself. This should be quite straight forward. Guys, do not exaggerate your height too much !

Finally, check, 'show profile always' (otherwise people will not see it !). Then click CONTINUE

If you miss something out, Lavalife will warn you and ask you to fill it in.

Now the screen should display all your details. Make sure they are correct and then click CONTINUE TO FINISH.

You are now a member !

Writing your profile. You have up to 2000 characters to start your profile. You can always add to it later but you must make a start now. So write something very simple about yourself, who you are and what you like. E.g. Hi, thanks for taking time to view my profile. I am a happy and enthusiastic person looking to meet other people who are willing to share good things in life.

Do read the tips and what's not allowed. Make sure you do not put a name or tel. number in your profile. Click SUBMIT

The screen should now show your profile. Look thru it. This is what others will see of you. Are you happy with it ? If not, click edit on any part you do not like. If you are happy, scroll down to Interests and click on COMPLETE NOW.

You will then be shown a screen which asks you to check your interests. Do this as accurately as you can. Then click SUBMIT

Now go to Profile Preferences and click on COMPLETE NOW

On the next page UNCHECK 'Accept Collect Calls by' in all areas. Collect calls are generally used by cheapskates who want you to pay instead of them. By unchecking these boxes you are saying you will not accept these calls and you should not be bothered by them. Click SUBMIT

Now you should see a new screen with colored columns labelled Dating, Relationship and Intimate Encounters. You should see that Dating (or whichever area you chose) has figures in it while the others simply say 'create a profile'). This shows that you have created a profile in this area. On the page you should see a link to 'submit a picture'. If you have a picture of yourself saved on disk, now is the time to upload it. It is not essential to have a picture but it helps get better responses. Click the link to Submit A Picture.

You should see a little box labelled Upload a Picture. Click on BROWSE to search your computer and locate the picture you want. Hints: - make sure it is a picture of you and only you. A face shot (smiling!) is good or a head and shoulder shot. No nudity! Select the picture you want and click OPEN.

The filename of your picture should now appear in the box on the Lavalife screen. Scroll down a little way and select the profile box under Dating (or whichever area you chose). Then click Submit Picture. The screen should refresh and you should see your new picture.

If you have other pictures of yourself, you can submit them to your backstage. No one can see your backstage pictures unless you give them permission. So you can put more personal pictures on your backstage. But note that nudity is only allowed in the intimate area. To do this click Submit Another at the top of the screen. Otherwise click Submit Changes once.

Note that the screen says 'THANKS' at the top.

If you now click on PROFILE near the top of the page, you will go back to your profile. You should see that your picture is not yet viewable but it should read above it that there is 1 (or more) pic on file. Your picture and your profile are being verified before being displayed. This is usually a formality provided you have followed the guidelines.

Congratulations. You are now a member of Lavalife. If you now click on the yellow DATING at the very top of the screen. You can join in the fun. You should now also see the Instant Messaging window appear at the top right of the screen. This is where people will contact you

If you wish now to become a full member. Click on the Buy Credits box on the right of the screen. A new window will open to allow you to pay by card. You use credits to send messages to other members. So you only pay for what you use.


Good Luck and Enjoy !