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Body Language
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Men and women communicate with complex, confusing and often contradictory signals.

If you only pick up what's said aloud, you're missing half the message. Secrets of Sexual Body Language shows how to take advantage of the vast world of nonverbal communication. It teaches you the basic principles of sending and receiving body
language. Analyzing men and women from head to toe, it shows you how to decode the
messages sent by each part of the body. Secrets of Sexual Body Language breaks down the multilayered signals presented in real life situations and illustrates how to apply your newfound skills. By mastering the intimate world of sexual body language, you will acquire a powerful tool for understanding the opposite sex.

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Body language is the secret, subconscious messages we send to each other. Salesmen, politicians and succesful seducers alike, have learned to recognise it and interpret it.

Understanding your body language and the body language of other people, is essential to your success in courtship, love, management or, indeed, any field or activity which involves dealing and interacting with other people.

Dating ? How can you tell if he or she is really interested in you? Just observe their body language.

There are invisible signs in the way a person looks, stands and gestures which give away their inner feelings and thoughts. If you can spot these and interpret them correctly, you have an, almost unfair, advantage.

The skill of interpreting body language, can be taught quite simply. What you need is a good guide and the opportunity to practise.

Luckily for all we single people and for budding Casanovas, there is a good and effective guide available for us. It's called the 'Secrets of Sexual Body Language' by Martin Lloyd Elliott. 

This book shows us examples of body language and how to interpret them. It tells men if a woman is aroused and also whether she feels they are coming on too strong. It also tells men how to let a woman know they are interested in them using just body signs.

This invaluable book is available online from Order it by clicking a link below or on the left. 

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