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Dating Site Reviews
There are hundreds of sites scattered about the web, which offer dating services of some kind or another. Here, we review the best of them. The reviews come from practical experience of each site. By reading our reviews, we hope you will find the site or sites that are best for you. That way, you will avoid wasting your hard earned money.

How we do the reviews.

It couldn't be simpler ;- we join the sites and try them out. We have a 'panel' of reviewers, two men and three girls. Each of them joins the sites at different times and tries them out. They report their findings back to us and this forms the basis of our reviews.

What criteria do we use to judge dating sites ?

We consider first of all how easy it is to join each dating site. Most dating sites require you to complete a profile or questionnaire. This is acceptable but sometimes it can take a long time to complete the profile and some of the questions can seem unnecessary.

Each dating site we review makes a charge for membership. Some of them offer free trial or guest memberships and we highlight this. A free trial is important if you are eventually going to part with your money. We try to check which of the dating sites we review offer the best value for money.

Ultimately, we test how effective each dating site is at arranging dates or even making contacts online. A dating site would be no good if you did not make contacts with other single people via it!

Most dating sites have an anonymous email facility, we test how effective this is. Many dating sites offer chat or messaging services. These are a positive feature in helping you meet and get to know other single people online, so we test these out.

There is not much new in the world of online dating sites and we are always pleased to see a dating site which tries to offer new facilities or services to its members.

So, if you are looking for a dating site, read our reviews first and see which best dating site is right for you.


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