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Foreign Affair


have you ever fancied

A Foreign Affair ?


There are numerous sites offering you the chance to date women from a foreign country, often Russia and East European countries. Perhaps, A Foreign Affair .com is the most well known. But why is this ? What's the idea, is it a scam, is it for real ? Just why do there seem to be so many foreign women wanting to date guys from US or Western Europe?

Well, actually, it often comes down to a matter of practicalities. In Russia and many east european countries, more girls are born than boys. This leads to an imbalance when it comes to dating. Combine this with harsh economic and social conditions, men often having to migrate from their hometown to find work ,rampant alcoholism, drug abuse and crime. So now you see why lonely women turn to advertising on the web.

So just how do you go about meeting and dating a woman in Russia or elsewhere ? Well, the first place is to visit a website such as foreign affair. You'll notice that the team running the site are based in the US, so you are not dealing with some fly-by-night rip off merchants based abroad. Each week, the site displays the profiles of new women advertising on the site, almost all profiles have at least one photo together with bio details. You can browse the new profiles, use a search facility, or browse through profiles from area or country. You'll notice that the site also offers girls from almost every country outside USA.








Up to this point, everything has been free. If some of the profiles interest you, then you'll need to sign up to contact the girls. You have the choice either of paying for individual contacts or taking out a full membership which gives you access to all addresses and regular new updates !

But, how do you get to meet ? Well, you could make travel arrangements between yourself and your contact(s). That's quite possible and easy, the site helps by offering advice and on-line 'kits' for visas etc.

Or you can take part in a romance 'tour'. having selected, say, 8 or 12 women you fancy. You can join a 'tour' and get to meet these women for real. So not only do you get the chance of a stay and vacation in an interesting and cultural part of the world but you also have your own interesting and beautiful guide, on your arm !

And should things work out between you and a girl, the tour firm are on hand to help out with translation, form-filling, travel arrangements to and from US and all legal requirements. You never know, you could end up with a beautiful wife or partner !

Does it sound worthwhile ? Oh boy does it ever ! Have a look at Foreign Affair's website and see for yourself !








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