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Relationship Problems


He says he doesn't lie but...

what do you do when a man ask you to move in with him? says he doesn't lie but tells you he's been married 1 time and divorced. Then he asks you to marry him
you say 'yes'.... Then 2 wks before wedding he says cancel due to problems on a
loan. Then you go to mail box next day and find his divorce papers from a
second wife.


Our reply

. You seem to sense that you have been lied to by this man. Maybe he has reasons to lie to you, has he explained himself to you ?

You may well be wondering what other lies he has told you. Maybe also you are worrying what other lies he may tell in the future. Above all, you are probably wondering why he lies to you.

Right now, you may be feeling hurt and lost. You feel as if you have lost this relationship. You may not clearly know what to do. One part of you may want to repair this relationship, another part of you wants to be rid of it.

If he cannot provide you with good answers for his lies to you, then you should be rid of him and look again elsewhere. However, if you provide him with opportunities to explain, how will you know that his explanations are not simply more lies ?

I feel you know that it is time for you to take control of your life and your situation. Follow your gut feelings.

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