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Relationship Problems


I don't want to lose her

My gf, I've been with for a little over a year, is beginning to lose interest in me, She would rather hang out with other guys than spend time with
me. The times we do spend together she's always arguing with me. I really love this girl and I don't wanna lose her, she says I'm no fun. I do anything and everything in my power to make her happy. Someone
please help me to get my relationship back on track


Our reply


You say that you love this girl, yet you spend your time arguing. Love is a two-way process. The two of you need to sit down and talk together about your relationship. Listen to what she says and do not try to persuade her round to your way of thinking. Listen to how she views your relationship. Listen carefully. If as you listen to her, you begin to feel that she does not want to continue the relationship, then let it be.

If one person in a relationship does not want to continue in that relationship then the relationship is unlikely to work. It is time to end or change the nature of the relationship.

For you, this may mean the end of this relationship. However, by talking and listening about the relationship with her, you are showing her that she is important to you. This may be the first step to rebuilding the relationship or it may be the first step to ending it amicably and as a man.

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