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Lavalife User Opinions

If you are a user of Lavalife, what do you think of it? Is it good, is it fun? Does it work? Are there any bugs or annoyances? Give us your views or opinions of lavalife.


For me, Lavalife has been mainly fun. I have enjoyed chatting and meeting many guys online and I have gotten to know many of them well. The only thing that annoys me is that the messenger window sometimes freezes and I have to reload the site again.


I kinda got tired of going there because of the slow customer service. There are no refunds available if you decide that lavalife isn't right for you. Without having paid membership it's impossible to message other members. Their prices are a bit high to my consideration and I prefer the ( Adult & Asian) personals more then the lavalife.. Just my point of view... I think in the friendfinders there are better options and more people that likely to reply back to your msgs.


To see what CS means, have a look at adult friendfinder but be warned, the chat here is very adult ! Or take a look at our review


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Your Opinions - give us your views and opinions of Lavalife.