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Coping With Loneliness

Loneliness is a problem for many single people.

I feel alone, I feel lonely, I do not know how to cope with loneliness. How often have we heard these phrases?

Loneliness can be a big problem for single people and coping with loneliness can be very difficult.

Yet, loneliness and being alone can mean different things to different people.

Even when we are with friends, we may still feel alone or lonely, perhaps because we are not connecting with the people around us. Sometimes even when we are on our own, we do not always feel lonely or do not feel unable to cope with loneliness.

Why is this ? Why do we sometimes feel lonely and unable to cope with the loneliness, yet at other times we seem hardly aware of our loneliness?

The issue seems to be one of perception and of not being connected to people around you.

So how can you deal with loneliness ?

There would seem to be two areas you need to consider. When do you most or most often feel alone ? When you are in the company of other people but do not connect with them? or when you are on your own?

Let's first consider how to cope with loneliness when you are on your own. In these situations, it appears that a person is feeling lonely because they have not connected with themselves and long to be with others or someone else. This is not always possible, at least not immediately. So the person (you) feels alone and feels lonely.

Here's a list from Warren Shepell Counselling Services of possible things to do when you feel lonely and on your own.

  • Listen to music or read an uplifting book
  • Take a walk in a park, field or forest
  • Attend a country fair or community event
  • Play with a pet
  • Give your plants some tender loving care
  • Visit a place of worship
  • Browse through a museum, zoo or art gallery
  • Study the night sky or visit a planetarium
  • Trace your family tree
  • Chart your horoscope
  • Call a phone-in radio show; tap into a computer chat line
  • Write a letter to the editor
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Cook your favorite meal
  • So when you feel lonely, on your own and feel unable to cope with loneliness, try one or more of these suggestions, see if it helps you. At least it should divert you from feeling lonely and enable you to focus on something else.

    what about feeling alone in the company of others ? ...




    The Loneliness Workbook  
    Read how other people perceived and suffered loneliness. Read too of ways of overcoming your loneliness in practical ways.

    Available from


    Links to Loneliness

    Allexperts : Coping with Loneliness is a free service that features thousands of volunteers in the areas of medicine, arts, TV, sports, music, travel, humanities, love, education, business, religion and more waiting to answer your one-on-one questions, and all for free!

    IVillage : Is it OK to be alone ?  Peggy Elam provides psychotherapy and psychological consultation to help patients achieve emotional well-being.                              Has ways of helping you to develop an effective plan to overcome chronic loneliness.                   ReconnectingU is dedicated to supporting the mental health and well being of individuals as they move through life's major transitions.                                   Ways to escape isolation, loneliness, and rejection. How to find happiness, friendship and meaningful relationships

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