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Review of review: - Some new and novel approaches to online dating. Our review comes from practical experience of the megafriends site.

There are hundreds of sites scattered about the web, that offer dating services of some kind or another. Here, we review the best of them.

Good Points

  • offers some interesting approaches to online dating
  • Live webcam chat
  • Free trial membership
  • Good reliability

Bad Points

  • Connections can sometimes be slow

It took our reviewers some time to warm to megafriends. So if you find it difficult or unappealing at first, keep on trying with it. Our reviewers generally felt the site was made up of bits put together. Each of the bits worked fine but the site lacked an overall 'togetherness'. On the other hand, this did mean that some of our reviewers found it easy to chat on this site while still browsing elsewhere on the web !

Once you get over the fact that you have to download extra bits for chat and webcam links, the site was easy to use and everything worked well.

There were several ways in which you could contact members. You could join a chat room, use a webcam, send instant messages, send email on the site or send 'gifts'. You could also see who had viewed your profile and vote on members' photos.


Overall,  gives you a different  approach to finding a partner online. Give It a go!

The chat rooms were seldom busy but there were generally a good number of members chatting. It was noted that a large proportion of chatters were female. It was felt that there seemed to be a greater proportion of female chatters than male, which is unusual for this type of site. We guess that girls like this site.


Overall,  gives you a different  approach to finding a partner online. Give It a go!


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