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I am not fit to be with him

I aborted in 2 years ago. It was my ex-boyfriend's baby. I thought we would marry, but did not. When we broke up, I was disappointed. Until I met my new boyfriend. We've been together around 3 months, we have imitate relationship. I love him very much but he works far away. He's always back twice a month. I don't dare to ask his past because what if he wants to know my past? I really don't know how to say? I not fit to be with him!

Our reply

. I seem to sense that there are two issues here. Firstly, there is one dealing with your self-esteem and, second, one dealing with your worries about being open and trusting with your new boyfriend. These two issues seem to be related back to your abortion.

Two years ago, you made your decision to have an abortion. You now have to live with the consequences of your decision. As you have discovered, the consequences are far reaching. Any man who wants to be with you, and certainly any man who loves you, must also accept that decision you made. Indeed, you will find that any man who really loves you will have no difficulty accepting you for what you are, who you are and the consequences of any decision you have made in the past.

I suggest you should feel free to ask you new boyfriend about his past - if this is something you really wish to know about ! Remember, his past is only a part of him;- the present with you and the future are perhaps more important. If he asks about your past, tell him if it is appropriate to the train of conversation. If his feelings for you are true, then he will accept it.

Now to the question of your self-esteem. I am sure your self-esteem will improve when you find a guy who accepts you for who you are. Yet self-esteem should not rely upon others. Your low self-esteem seems again to relate back to your abortion. You need to come to terms with this and accept it yourself, - after all, you cannot change it.

Once you have really accepted it and start to stop grieving inside, then you can start to value yourself more. This will be the first step to raising your self-esteem.
















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