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 Single Scene Poll Result


What for you is the most important aspect of a relationship ?
Mutual trust 20%
Shared hobbies or interests 15%
supporting each other 10%
mutual sexual pleasure 30%
going out together 5%
having someone to talk to 20%

In this poll, we asked you what, for you, is the most important aspect of a relationship. The results were fairly evenly distributed. Except that very few felt that going out together was the most important aspect.

Trust scored highly as an important aspect of a relationship. This was hardly surprising as it is difficult to have a relationship with someone if you do not trust them.

Having someone to talk to, ranked equally highly. Which may be surprising and may indicate a degree of loneliness or isolation among some single people.

Mutual sexual pleasure scored highest. Which possibly was predictable. But what happens when you get older and the sexual ability fades? Perhaps the 10% who responded that supporting each other was important, perhaps they were the most experienced in relationships ?

 Poll Results

The most important aspect of a relationship

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