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 Single Scene Poll Result


Would you rather be single or married?
I prefer being single 13%
I prefer being married 38%
I prefer to have a partner without marriage. 23%
I have no preference 26%

In this poll, we asked our visitors the simple question whether they preferred to be single or married.

As this is a site which helps single people find and build relationships, it was probably not surprising that few responded that they preferred to be single. Most, again not surprisingly, responded that they preferred to be married.

We did not ask whether our visitors were married or had experienced marriage in the past. So we could not tell how many responded through personal experience.

If we assume that many had not experienced marriage, then it could explain why just over a quarter of the visitors responded by saying they had no preference.

Just under a quarter replied that they preferred having a partner without marriage. Could this be mainly men afraid of commitment? Could these be people who had previous had bad experiences of marriage. Could these bad experiences have been their own or their parents' marriage?

 Poll Results

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Would you rather be single or married?













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