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I Really Cannot Live With Him Anymore

I am married for the past 3 years, thought it was a love marriage. I never really loved him and I still don't know why I married him. Now after three years I just can't stand him and for the past years, I have kept him away from me. I mean we have not had sex. I want to divorce him but he is madly in love with me and has also threatened to end his life if I leave him. I really cannot live with him anymore.

Our reply

. Talking and listening is the best way to tackle this issue. He needs to know how you feel about him. Then perhaps he will come to see that divorce may be the best answer for him also. He says he will kill himself if you leave him, this does not indicate love but dependency, it also suggests a loss of pride and possession. If you are clear in your decision, then you must help him to make his decision, only then can you rebuild your lives  

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