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How can I ask her Out ?

I'm not sure what to call it but I've been trying to ask a girl out for a couple weeks now and I just cant seem to get it out what should I do?

Our reply


You sound shy or uncertain about how to approach this girl. Ask yourself, what you are worried about ? Are you worried that she might reject you? perhaps that she might laugh at you ? Are you worried that you might get too excited or nervous and start to stutter or mumble the words ?

In all likelihood, she will be flattered if you ask her out. She may reject you but then you should see that as her can always try again with her ! She may laugh but then you'll see that she's not the girl you thought she was.

If you are worried about speaking to her face-to-face and cannot talk on the phone, try writing to her either a letter or just a simple note. If you cannot face giving it to her, get a friend to do it for you or leave it somewhere where she cannot miss it...or mail it. Somehow, you'll probably find that the fact that you've made an effort will help win her over.


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