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 How can I make him ask to Marry me ?

I love a guy from 8 years till now, I can feel that he loves me too but he never says it to me. I want to know how I can make him say it to me & ask me to marry him.

Our reply

. Are you sure that marriage is what you BOTH want?

You have been seeing this guy for 8 years and, understandably, you want to know if the relationship is going to the next stage - marriage.

Perhaps the guy is comfortable with the relationship as it is and does not feel the need to take it further. Perhaps he is shy of commitment.

If you are not happy with the relationship as it is, then you must make a decision. Let the guy know that you want to take things further. You must also be brave enough to end the relationship if it does not go further.

Letting him know what you want may be the only way to get him to consider marriage and then ask you.















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