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Relationship Problems


He Cheated on Me

My boyfriend of 2 and a half years cheated on me and had intercourse with one of
my good friends. Although we had been fighting earlier that day and they both
got really drunk, I know that it doesn't make it right. My brain is telling me one
thing and my heart is telling me something different. I know how much I love him
and want to be with him... but I also understand that things are never going to
be the same between us again. I'm just really confused and the advice from an
outsider would be nice.


Our reply

. You seem in a dilemma and unsure whether to follow your head or your heart. You say that you love him, so this incident has not stopped you loving him. So it appears that your feelings for this guy are strong.

You say that you had been fighting earlier in the day. Could it be that this fighting hurt your boyfriend and then led him to seek solace in a good friend .. which then went too far ?

Consider what the fighting had been about. Perhaps it gives you a clue as to a problem or disagreement between the two of you. Try to resolve this disagreement if you can.

If you love him still, then you should be with him but remember, it seems that he too has been hurt.


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