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How can I attract girls ?

My problem is that I cannot get any girls to like me. Lots of them talk to me and are my friends but none of them like me. They all think I'm funny and fun to be around but won't take it any farther than friendship. How can I attract girls?

Our reply

You have lots of girls liking you because you have a good sense of humor. They see you as a fun person to be around. Many guys would envy you that. Possibly though, they also see you as a bit of a clown or a joker and cannot tell what you are really like inside. Maybe you should try to show a more serious side.

What do you want ? Do you want to attract girls, all girls any girls ? Have them gather around you like an Adonis ? Perhaps there is an ego or self-esteem problem here. Do you value guys or envy them by the amount of girls they attract ? In the end, you only need to attract one girl !


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