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Adult Friendfinder

Review of AdultFriendfinder

Adult Friend finder review:- easy to use, fun busy chatrooms. Our dating site reviews come from practical experience of each site.

There are hundreds of sites scattered about the web, which offer dating services of some kind or another. Here, we review the best of them.

Adult Friendfinder

Good Points

  • Large membership drawn from around the world.
  • Easy to use
  • Free Guest membership
  • Busy chatrooms
  • Fun to use
  • Good reliability
  • A well established site

Bad Points

  • Close to pornography at times.
  • Can be daunting until you try it


Adult Friendfinder, much as its name suggests, is the 'adult' version of Friendfinder. Whereas members of Friendfinder will join to search for romance, a date, friends for email, those who join adult friendfinder do so to search for more intimate or 'adult' activities.

The difference in nature of the two sites is reflected in the chat rooms.

The chat rooms in Adult friendfinder are bustling with people exchanging frank and open messages. Looking at some of the messages and browsing through the profiles, often gives you the impression that this site is close to being pornographic. On Adult Friendfinder, you have to learn to accept the openness, frankness and sometimes lewdness that is on offer at times. In short, you have to accept that this is an 'adult' site.


Overall, adultfriendfinder is one of the best and most active sites on the internet. To join in the fun, click here

Like other dating sites, you join and submit a profile. You can also submit photos, which can be quite explicit. There are search and browse facilities and a matching facility which will find matches for you. The most active areas, however, are the various chat rooms, which are named according to the part of the world you are seeking to make contact, or the type of activity you seek.

There is a free guest membership which allows you to make use of most of the site. Some features are reserved for full members only.

Our reviewers tried the guest membership and the different paying memberships. Each of them found that at silver and gold membership levels, they seemed to get more contacts and certainly more emails from members. So it looks as if full membership pays off !

Adult friendfinder is great fun if you are broad-minded. Join in the fun but do so in the knowledge that this is an 'adult' site.

Overall, this site is one of the best and most active sites on the internet.

To join in the fun, click here







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