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So what happens on a speed date?

Well, basically you get to meet 20 to 30 potential dates in one evening. Each contact lasts for about 3 minutes. During these 3 minutes, you get to ask each other questions. Should you meet a partner you fancy or would like to meet again, you mark them down on your 'scorecard'. After the evening, if the other person also marked down your number or name, then the organiser will put you in contact.

Does speed dating work ?

speed dating seems to be based on the idea that first impressions count. So in theory we can tell who we are attracted to within 3 minutes. If that's the case, why waste further time! If the 'chemistry' is there, then it will be revealed within those first 3 minutes. So, it seems speed dating can work. At best it's no less likely to work than other dating methods.

Who goes to speed dating?

Well just about anybody. Organisers make sure there are equal numbers of men and women. Some events are open to all, others are open to specific age-groups or backgrounds. There are so many organisations to choose from that you can nearly always find an event geared to you. Guys, organisers tend to get more girls signing up so don't worry about there not being enough women at an event ! Girls, - sign up early.

What questions should I ask?

You've only got 3 minutes in which to ask your questions. So keep them simple, yet revealing ! Such as, what do you like to do for fun ? Have you ever been married and do you have children ? Are you religious ? Why did your last relationship end ? How would you change your life, if you could ?

What if there is nobody who likes me ?

Simple, try again at another event. Try changing your questions, try changing how you dress. Smile more ! Often the organiser will let you have the next event free of charge.

Can I take a friend along ?

Ask the organiser. It should be ok. After all, you do want to make sure there is someone to accompany you home, and share notes !!




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