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The Ex


There is often the dreaded 'ex' lurking somewhere. Someone from a past relationship who we still sometimes see or think about. Often they lurk more in our mind than in reality. Yet their presence can affect they way we act, the way we think and the way we lead our life. Why ?

The 'ex' may be seen in either of two ways. They may be someone who dumped you, who cheated on you, or who divorced you. Or they may be someone you dumped, someone you hurt or who you divorced.

Either way, they are someone who knows things about you and, of course, you know things about them. Seeing them or thinking about them, may well bring back memories or feelings about things that you did. It may be hard for you to accept that the 'ex' may be doing those things and other things with someone else.

Maybe you fear meeting the 'ex', especially if the 'ex' has a new partner. What if the new partner is/was a friend of yours or someone you knew ?

Do you find yourself avoiding places where you used to go with your 'ex'? Do you avoid going to places where you might see the 'ex' ? Do you dislike hearing what the 'ex' has been doing ? Are there songs you don't like to hear, clothes you don't like to wear, scents you won't use, all because they remind you of the 'ex' ?

When you do see the 'ex', what feelings do you have ? Do you have feelings of resentment or bitterness ? Do you have feelings of remorse. Do you have feelings still of care and concern ? Do you have a longing to get together again ? Do you have a desire to hurt him ?

Whatever your feelings, you must acknowledge them. You must also recognise that your feelings and actions regarding the 'ex', are having an affect on your life now. They could well have an affect on any new relationship you may have or wish to have.

In conclusion.....

Handling your feelings and your actions regarding ex partners, is very difficult. You need to acknowledge any feelings you have, good or bad. You should, if you so desire, seek to recreate those positive feelings and new positive feelings with a new partner.